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Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Day of School!

Summer is over for the Turner's. I go back to school for meetings tomorrow, and Brian goes back Tuesday. So, Ellie will be going back to seeing Grammy everyday. My mom has been doing a lot of preschool work with Ellie, and I wanted to make it official with a "first day of school" picture. 
She has learned a lot with my mom, and this year they are going to do lots more! I am so thankful that even though I can't stay home with Ellie that it is my mom that gets to be with her during the day. She is a very lucky girl!

Ellie with Papa & Mama,
We love you!


Cris said...

What great pics! Last year we were pretty much hit and miss for when we did school work....I am going to try to make it a schedule this far it looks like Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will for sure be school days! Monday is my day off and mostly running errands and Wednesday will be play day with Grandma Parkin!

K J and the kids said...

I'm sure she knows all about big trucks and construction workers :)
How awesome is your mom really !
I'm signing my kids up too !

Love the pictures. Ellie is getting so big.

jandokan said...

I love these pics...
she's so pretty

hugs Anja