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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Getting Way Behind

So, every weekend I plan on updating this blog. Yet for one reason or another it doesn't happen. Some of the things I have pics for and want to remember and blog about are:

indoor soccer
4th birthday party
Ellie's surrogate grandmas
visits from family
Birthday balloons

We are doing fine, just not finding the time to sit down and get pics from my phone. Brian ordered me a battery for my camera, so I should start blogging more because it is so much easier to use.

If you are reading this, post back to me your Christmas wish!


Cris said...

I can't blog from my phone pics either....facebook, no prob! My life has been to boring to have anything to blog about....glad to see you are going to get going again!
My Christmas wish is happiness for my children....too many of our kids this year have had more than their share of trials....happiness, that's my wish.

Jen said...

Ellie asked me what I was going to ask Santa for, and I told her I just wanted my family to be healthy and happy.

Oh, also said I wanted a baby, and she laughed and said, "What do you want a wooden baby for?" Not sure why I would.

Cris said...

Ha ha....a wooden baby! Just what you need!