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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some updating . . .(pics are out of order, sorry!)

December 2011
Happy Holidays!
We have yet to see Santa this year, and not for lack of trying!!! I promise I will get Santa pic's in November next year!! We have seen Santa's reindeer taking a break though. Grandpa Turner came to see us just last night, and Rodney Roo (our Elf on the Shelf) is keeping close tabs on Ellie. Although this year has been a very rough one, we are blessed to be healthy and happy to be with family. Hopes for a wonderful New Year!

Happy Thanksgiving
Nope, this isn't Thanksgiving dinner, but this was the only picture I got from that time, and I stole this one from Cameron's blog! Cameron, Matt and Chase came for a visit for Thanksgiving this year. It was so fun to see them, and especially hang out with the little Chase guy! We had a yummy dinner at my mom and dads house, and it was just nice to relax and enjoy some family time. Plus we found out we can do one mean came of Hoopla in under a minute, pretty amazing!

November 30, 2011
Happy Birthday Grammy Jean
For Grammy Jean's Birthday we wrote notes on balloons, and Ellie tied one with a note from all of us too. We went out in our backyard and let the balloons go. Ellie hoped that Jesus would make sure that Grammy Jean got them. Happy Birthday!

October 2011
At the Pumpkin Patch with papa
Finding the perfect pumpkin
Aaaarrrgggh Matey...give me some candy!
Pumpkins her papa carved.
Ellie's pumpkin she picked out at the pumpkin patch.
Feedin' a goat at the pumpkin patch.
Corn maze at the pumpkin patch.

November 2011
Ellie and Princess Amerah
Princess Amerah making sure Princess Ellie had a very special day!
Doin' some Prince and Princess dancing!
Princess decorations and favors that Grammy Nosack made for Ellie.
Ellie was so excited to get mail for her birthday from Grandpa Turner, and Grandpa Hodges. Here is a picture of her after she opened gifts from her "grandmas" from Grammy Jean's work. It was so nice of them to think of Ellie for her birthday!!!!
Ellie had her last day of soccer on her 4th Birthday. This is her holding her soccer trophy and wearing her birthday button. After the game, we went home to get ready for her Princess Amerah Birthday party with her friends.
Ellie spent most of her time chasing boys during the soccer games. She was the only girl on her team, and there was always at least one boy willing to be chased, or do some chasing too!

This was taken back in September, but I think it goes with this time, and some of these Holiday pictures anyway!

Hope you enjoyed our little update, hopefully next year I won't get so far behind!


K J and the kids said...

She is an absolute doll. I love her singing.
Princess Amerah. isn't she the bomb. Did she sing at your party too ? :)
Loved (of course) the favors Grandma made. she's so creative.

Thanks for the update. it's good to hear from you once in a while :)

Cris said...

What a bunch of great pics! I'm so glad you got updated...I see Ellers all the time but it still does my heart good to see her pics! Love all the Christmas pics you took, they are great!