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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Small Update - Old Pics - Short Video

Swimming September 2011

Swimming is over for now. She isn't quite a swimmer yet, but she is having fun. She was in Pre-Level 1, and has graduated to Pre-Level 2, yet I may sign her up for this same class again.

Mommy and Ellie
Love these chubby legs! I remember I was worried they would always
have those funny rolls!
After swimming class
Grammy Jean & Ellie
July 2009

Indoor soccer is next. I know she didn't really get into soccer too much last spring, but her soccer shoes still fit! Anyway, I still think its fun to get her out and doing something.

We are planning a birthday party for her next month, one where she gets to invite some friends over. Planning on having Princess Amerah come to entertain the little ones. I don't feel like I could do it! Ellie met Princess Amerah at story time at the library, she was even picked to participate in the story. I think it will be a fun time. Wish me luck. I hate stressing about stuff like having people over for fun, but I still do.
Ellie Meeting Princess Amerah - 2010

I just loved seeing the difference between these first swimming classes and her last one. Sweet memories of her chubby legs. So glad Grammy Jean got to see her swim and play around in the water. She loved her pool at Grammy's house too, then Rio took it over!


Cris said...

Special pics! I forgot how cute and chubby her legs were! She is growing up so dang fast!!!

Brian said...

I loved the pictures. Thanks Jen