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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Four Generations

Looking through some old photos, I was reminded of some new ones. Here is a four generation picture of me, my mom, my Grandma Parkin, and my Great-Grandma Maxwell. This was taken in 1983.
Fast Forward to 2010, 27 years later! Me, my mom, my Grandma Parkin, and my wonderful daughter, Ellie.
Ellie and her Grammy Parkin
Ellie and her Grammy
Ellie and her mama
December 2010


K J and the kids said...

They are GREAT ! Everyone looks super cute and Ellie is the perfect touch.

Never tell Cris, but she does in fact look like her mother in that first picture. ;-)

Anonymous said...

These are so good!!! What a bunch of beautiful women! I love the one with Ellie and Great Grandma Parkin!! So, So Sweet!!!!

Grammy Jean

Cris said...

K, I totally HATE it when you say that.......don't know why but I do NOT want to look like my mom...I love her and all, just don't want to look like her!

Anonymous said...

love the pics! you look gorgeous!

Matt said...

Those are great pictures. Family portraits are the best.