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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Go Tigers!

Ellie had her soccer orientation today. We met the coach, and her other teammates. There are 7 on her team, with one other little girl. I think most of them are 4, so Ellie is the youngest. They got to choose their team name, the Tigers. One boy wanted to be the dolphins, and would only cheer for the dolphins. Ellie wanted to be the butterflies, or the ladybugs. I think the coach liked the ladybugs, but only Ellie voted for it! After they got their uniforms, go #4, they got to do a few warm-ups. Ellie was much more interested in picking up any pine cones that she found, but she seemed to have fun.

Afterwards we went and got her shin guards, and the cutest cleats, and her own soccer ball to practice with. We need to practice not touching the ball with our hands. At least the coaches son did it too!


Brian said...

Haha, great video. I'm pretty sure that music was playing in my head the entire time she was "playing soccer."

Anonymous said...

Go Tigers Go!!! Ellie, you can be our very own Ladybug!! Maybe you will find some in the grass!! Love you!! Grammy Jean

Cris said...

Ellie picked up pine cones to help clear the field so if she could get a clear kick there would be no obstructions! Go #4!

Joanne said...

CUTE! Kids that little playing soccer is hilarious....keep the video cameras rolling, there will be so much comedy to capture.