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Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Friends

We went to a little neighborhood parade this morning. Kids from the ward decorated bikes and wagons and since Ellie isn't quite big enough to ride her little princess bike far, we decided just to be spectators. Ellie was one of the only kids not in the parade and lots of candy was tossed her way. It was short, but fun, and maybe next year Ellie will be in the little parade. The parade ended at our little neighborhood park, where some fruit and pastries were served.

Later Ellie met one of our neighbors, Max, he is 4, and they are just about the same size. Ellie and Max have been together for the last little while, playing, holding hands, riding bikes, and bouncing in Max's bounce house. They were so cute together. I did have to pull Ellie away to eat lunch and have nap time, which she certainly wasn't too happy about. Brian said after we left another neighbor girl came over to chat with Max. This was the conversation he heard:

"I was just playing with Ellie, do you know her?"
"She lives across the street. She is my best friend in the whole wide world!"
"More than me?"
"Yes, more than anyone, ever!"


Cris said...

How stinkin sweet is that! You need to not lose that needs to be in a scrapbook with a pic of them at this age!

Jen said...

I so wanted to run in the house and get my camera. Ellie just kept grabbing his hand and taking him around our yard, and then he did the same in his yard. He told her to come again and knock on the door to play again. He was very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the fun begins....Friends, best friends! Don't you love how committed they can get to each other so quickly! I can hardly wait to see her!!
Thanks for coming this far Jen! I am blessed! Chico Mom

jandokan said...

Ohhh that's sooooo sweet...
don't you love those sayings from the little ones :D
and your mom is right... write it down and take a picture to go with... for a scrap page!!

SerendipitousMommy said...

I'm just catching up on your blog and how is it possible Ellie gets cuter and cuter? Looks like you guys are having some fun this summer :-)

Joanne said...

Well of course he wants to be Ellies best friend, even I do! She is so cute and smart!