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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Princess Amerah

Last Tuesday Ellie and I headed over to the West Jordan Library for a special story time with Princess Amerah. Ellie had a great time, and I found out not only is my kiddo a ham, she can be a meanie too! We started out in the back of the crowd of Princess's and Ellie worked her way up to the front. She saw a little girl with a wand and decided it was her turn to play with it. I had to go up to the front too and stop her from being a bully! Then after Princess Amerah asked for a couple volunteers, Ellie decided it was her turn for that too. She did get picked to come up and throw a golden ball at the Prince. She got to wear a pink curly wig, and even though she wanted the blue one, she did a good job and she looked so cute in her wig! Later she even sat still and wasn't so mean to the other little princesses. I hope she continues to be an outgoing little girl, but I don't want her to end up being a bully too!
We loved seeing Princess Amerah, she was so sweet and good with all of the kids, even when Ellie was being a bit difficult. What a fun experience, maybe we should get her for Ellie's Birthday.
Today we went on a little adventure on TRAX. First we stopped off to visit Grammy at her bookstore, then we kept heading north to find some lunch. Ended up eating at IHOP. Ellie was excited about eating 'cancakes for lunch especially the one with a funny face.
Fun times with mommy!


Cris said...

Love the pictures and loved having both of you visit me today!

Joanne said...

I love that one of her sitting on the trax seat. She has such a cute smile, just like her mommy.