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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Man - They sure do grow up fast!

Driving already!!

This morning on our way to swimming class, I went in the garage, put the bags in the car, and then remembered I needed my purse. I had left the passenger door opened, and was gone just a minute, and this is where she got to! How did she crawl over all those bags without getting stuck, or hurt?

Ol' Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard and found a naked el-bell.

Outside Fun Time!

New Barbie Bike

She can't really figure it out yet...but she loves putting stuff in the seat cubby hole.


Anonymous said...

Oh, You better watch out!! She is so happy! I love seeing that!!

Love, chico gram

K J and the kids said...

I can't wait (well I can) for you to be able to compare that picture to her first time driving behind the wheel. when she's 16. :)

Brian said...

What's up with the Lowery's Seasoning Salt and Yarn? Ellie in the driver's seat is weird, but your'e toting salt and yarn... so confused

Anonymous said...

Ya, what is that about? Oh, well, Mom's wear a lot of hats!!!
Love, you, chico mom

Jen said...

The salt was a substitute for a rolling pin, I don't have one. The yarn was substitute for string. These were used in a lever demonstration. Make sense?

POS Technologies said...

Ellie is such a cutie-patootie!

Joanne said...

Sorry, I forgot I was logged in as POS Technologies when i posted that last comment. but it is just me, Joanne

Cris said...

I was curious about the salt and yarn too but didn't want to ask! When I have Ellie and we go to get in the car I open up the back door to get her into her car seat and before I can get the bags in she has crawled into the back and through the seats and is sitting in the drivers seat!
One time when Steve was about the same age we were at my parents house...I was getting something out of the car and Steve jumped into the drivers seat, pulled the car out of gear and jumped out. Before I could stop it the car started rolling down the street. It was a Saturday and kids were out playing everywhere...the car rolled downhill about 6 houses then jumped the curb, a large boulder and hit a tree in someones front yard. I had to pay about $300 damage and the car repairs! Kids are such a wonder!