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Monday, September 7, 2009

Dinosaur Museum

Before I started back to work I took Ellie to Thanksgiving Point to visit the Dinosaur Museum. Fun time, although I think she'll enjoy it more when she is a little older. The water play area was too big for her to play in without me holding her. She still had fun playing in the wet sand, and of course she loved eating it too!


Cris said...

I dont remember any of you kids that loved to put things in their mouths as much as Miss Turner does! She was running stockingfooted in the store the other day and I guess felt something on the bottom of her feet...before I could stop her she sat down picked it off and plopped it in her mouth! I was able to rescue it though....On a radio talk show the other day they were talking about the upcoming flu season and they said that parents that let their kids get a little dirty have healthier kids generally. If they keep everything too clean and do not let their kids get dirt all over them they have kids more prone to illness and doctor appts! Interesting! My brother Bob ate everything including dirt, glass, popsicle sticks and tires off his toy trucks...never got sick and never had a cavity in his mouth until he joined the Navy!

Jen said...

Funny! I thought kids usually ate everything! Just today I've caught her eating, cat food, a cardboard box, paper, tissue, receipts, baby wipes, a small remote, dirt, a wet wash cloth, well she just likes to suck that, hmmmmm I think that's about it, besides food!

K J and the kids said...

My kids always eat everything but what they are supposed to.

I'm surprised the water table was too high for her. Did you put her on the inside of it. The inside is for the small toddlers. It makes NO SENSE at all because you can't get them to come out and you are across water so there's no way to get them unless you want to crawl through the tunnel that they crawled through to get inside.
ANY HEW. Glad you had fun.
Love the girlie stuff. Little Mermaid is one of my favorite's too.

Jen said...

She wouldn't go under, if she did she would have had to get on her stomach and crawl in. Its a weird set-up. There were always kids stuck in the entry way, so I didn't try too hard to get her in there.

Jen said...
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