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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Turner Theater

For the past four weeks we've been enjoying movie nights in our backyard, putting our projector to work on the back of our house. We did it once before, sometime in July, before we had a nice yard. We watched Twilight, while Brian's parents were visiting, and we invited my parents too. It was fun, we had popcorn, drinks and candy. Nobody could lay down because we only had dirt, rocks and weeds in our yard, but we did provide some chairs. More than half way through the movie, it started to drizzle, so movie night was moved inside.

Since then, the Turner Theater has had their Grand Re-Opening, and we have been enjoying our nice comfy yard. The first weekend I actually took some pictures that I never put up on the blog. I've been super busy with this new job. (Hopefully I'll get better at managing my time)

Movie Night - Austin Powers
September 11, 2009


Anonymous said...

Is that Muc Mow with our Miss Ellie!?? Actually, her face reflects my opinion of Austin Powers too! It looks so cozy! You need to get a pic of all of you!!! So cute, thanks for sharing!!! Love you...
Chico Mom

K J and the kids said...

She is looking so grown up. And more like her daddy every day.
We missed you yesterday. Hope to see you next time.

Cris said...

Such a great family event! Love it! Hope you are feeling better real soon.