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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Funny Story - Update

Ellie has learned her last name, so I was showing her Papa how she can say her name.

Mama - (whispering in Ellie's ear) Ellie
Ellie - El-lee
Mama - Turner
Ellie - Tun-ur

She said her name a few times then we thought to try out learning her middle names too.

Mama - (whispering in her ears again) Ellie
Ellie - El-lee
Mama - C
Ellie - see
Mama - J
Ellie - Taco

Not sure where she got that from! Guess we'll try learning CJ Marie another time!

(UPDATE - Now when you ask, "What is your name?" She'll say, "El-lee Tun-ur" Without too much help)


jandokan said...

ha ha that's funny (LOL)...
those kids... you never know where they learn something of :D

give her a big hug xoxox

Hugs Anja

Cris said...

Taco? Well, I always call her Ellie Belle...should I be calling her Taco Belle?

K J and the kids said...

Taco ? I can see if you whispered bell or beef, cheese. lettuce and tomatos.....

Anonymous said...

What a clever little girl! A taco sounds good! We Love you Ellie!
Chico Gram

Joanne said...

Funny little cutie pie!