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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dressin' Up

Ellie loves playing dress-up, and talking on the phone.
What a girly-girl!


Cris said...

Those are your wedding shoes! They look so fancy on little Ellie!

Jen said...

I had them in a pile to get rid of them. I only wore them that one day, and now they don't even fit me. She keeps finding them, and loves walking around in them. That's when I decided to make her a dress-up box.

Joanne said...

She is so cute. I love her hair cut too.

jandokan said...

ohhhh look how nice she looks... she's just a little lady :D

growing up so fast... it's good you've taken that many pictures... she'll be grown before you know!

Hugs Anja

say hi to your mom for me!!

K J and the kids said...

That's AWSOME ! She's awesome. and cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ellie! You are so cute! Gram misses you so very much!

Love, Chico Gram