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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Two $ Tuesdays!

During the month of August you can enjoy the different locations of Thanksgiving Point for $2, and Ellie is free for a few more months. Last Tuesday, we went and enjoyed an afternoon at the Children's Discovery Garden. I had never been there before, and was amazed at how beautiful it was, especially the waterfall! Ellie loved it all, but she really enjoyed the splash pool. I thought it was only a small splash area, so I hadn't planned on her getting soaked. Luckily though, she was wearing a onesie, so I just took off her overall shorts and let her just get totally wet! Afterwards, we had to go pick Brian up from work, and she looked like a little farmer, wearing her pink overall shorts with no shirt and her farmer tan, and I was pretty wet too. It was a fun time though.

I wonder what we'll do this Tuesday!?!


Anonymous said...

Jen, You make me anxious to check your site all the time! I LOVE all the pictures! Ellie is so blessed to have you as a mommy! She is getting to experience so much! I love you guys!
Chico Mom

Cris said...

That one pic of Ellie looking over at the big can just hear her brain clicking away..."how do I get over there to play in that water?" Great pics Jen! Aren't you glad you are a teacher so you have more summers to make memories like these? What a lucky little girl to have you & Brian for parents! You are both so involved.

K J and the kids said...

I feel like you are cheating on us. This whole online scrapbooking you do now....allbeit CUTE and just doesn't have the same feel as sitting around your moms kitchen table eating and talking.
Glad you had fun.