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Monday, December 29, 2008

12 month check up....a month or so late!

We got Ellie's flu shot done late, so we had to put off her 12 month check up until now. When she gets older and is just so full of herself, and someone tells her she has a big head, they won't be lying!

Length - 31.9 inches 94% Centile
Weight - 27 lb 12 oz 95 %
Head - 49 cm.....not even on the chart anymore! Last check-up, her 9 mth, her head was 47.2 cm and 97%. We have one big headed kid! Luckily she doesn't look freakish.

I think this week she'll be getting her hair trimmed for the first time. I am thinking of just doing it myself, since it will just be a little snip to get it out of her eyes. I'm not paying $ just for one little that crazy!?

Oh, I told the Dr. I finally got her to point to her nose, but I wasn't sure her vocabulary was that great. The Dr. was like, "What? I don't expect them to start pointing to body parts until the 18 mth check-up, and if she can say mama and dada, and maybe a few other things, then she is right on target." So, for those of you that know, you can laugh at me now for worrying about her knowing where her nose is. I even got her to pull on her ear a few times when I tried teaching her where her ears were.


Cris said...

Big head? I don't think she has a big head! I think her head is just right....what did the doc say about the size?

Did you tell her that when she points to her nose it is with her finger inserted?

Anonymous said...

she's beautifully perfect!!!! and know the Dr knows just how smart she is too!! Love, chico gram