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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let is Snow, let it snow....glad it stopped!

Thanks to Brian and our neighbors we can get out of our driveway, we actually have a sidewalk again, and a pathway to our mailbox.
The garbage can is already its piling up here. Brian says we just can't produce anymore garbage this week.
Too bad we missed garbage day, although I'm not sure when the garbage was actually picked up since late Friday nobodies garbage had been taken yet. I decided to do some cleaning before family came for Christmas, and filled up the garbage cans before Christmas was even here.


K J and the kids said...

That is great :)
Looks like you had GREAT Christmas.

Cris said...

Man you guys got a lot of snow! Christmas day we got about 16" but it looks like you got twice that! I'm glad you guys all had such a nice Christmas.

Joanne said...

Jeepers, I though I had a lot of snow at my house, but I got a measly 6 inches, compared to you and Dad's house, I got nothin'.