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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Time

This year we got to have a little Christmas dance for our Christmas Eve family dinner night. My nieces, Allison and Kaitlyn performed for us. Allison did all the choreography and taught Kaitlyn the routine. They did a great job, and little Ellie even wanted to join in. I missed getting my nephew Wyatt singing, my batteries decided to go dead! I couldn't get the whole dance and it's dark, but I think its so cute, I just have to share!

Christmas Eve

The other grand kids showing off their texting talent!

Ellie wasn't too excited to see Santa, but she did let me take her to see him....
and she did like getting presents from Santa!
Saying, "Bye."
Santa had a lot of work to do that night!
Christmas Day

All this for me?

Ellie playing Santa
Grandpa playing Santa
Ellie loved getting presents!


Cris said...

Cute, cute Christmas morning pics! Love em!

Cris said...

Oh...see if you can email me your video...I have a movie maker that I think I can get that lightened up with if you want!

K J and the kids said...

She looked like she loved Christmas !