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Monday, July 28, 2008

First Days

Monday - Hmmm I stood a LOT...let several students get drinks of water....saw a couple of nose pickers (ooh ick)....waited for students to be quiet....wondered what I got myself into....hoped I could answer math questions....remembered why I stopped eating school lunch....thought it was sweet when some of the students hugged or high 5 me goodbye.

Tuesday - I love it when the students come up to me and whisper to me in their cute little 2nd grade voices, "Mrs. Turner, can I sharpen my pencil?" (or whatever they need or wonder about)
Today I spelled a lot of "specials" "soccer" "vacation" "brothers" and so on...they did papers about what is important to them. One girl, who's name I should keep anonymous, so I'll call her "Madonna" wrote on her paper that she was beautiful and smart and perfect just the way she was and that she believed in herself! I wish I had that kind of self-esteem!
I found out one of the girls in my class is the daughter of somebody I went to high school with...BIZARRE!
I got to show off some things important to me, with my "Me Bag". I talked about my family and how I like to read and travel.

Me Bag

Wednesday - Today I learned about the new cool thing for 2nd graders, Webkinz. I still have no idea what they are, but most of the students in my class have at least a couple of them. Also, whoever invented the band-aid, musta been an elementary teacher. I think we went through about 10 today. Every little scratch or mark needs to be band-aided up. One little girl, who we'll call Suzy, said another boy threw rocks at her, around her shoulder. Another girl asked to look at it and she pulled her shirt down over her shoulder, the girl gasped and said, "Wow, it still looks real bad!" So, I had to look, since I hadn't really thought she was too hurt. What did I see? Nothing..her shoulder wasn't even red! Yet, she insisted on having a wet napkin on her shoulder all day long!

Thursday - I made a little boy cry nearly broke my heart, I had to leave the classroom for a few minutes to pull myself together! This little boy, we'll call Joey, has a slight speech impediment and he asked me how to spell, "lawn", I said, "Do you mean like the grass outside?" "No, lawn, like Lancelot" Now I was more confused than before. I didn't know what word he was trying to say, and he started crying. Turns out he wanted to write, "learns a lot" I felt horrible that I made him sad. Saw blood today today, luckily it wasn't my own, and she wasn't really hurt...just a tooth ready to be snatched up by the tooth fairy!

Friday - I made it through my first week of student teaching. Next week the class starts learning about worms. I already know more about worms in just a few planning sessions with my mentor teacher than I ever knew! Little "Lori's" tooth came out last night. No blood, and no tears today...oooh except when somebody accidentally stepped on "Missy's" foot. Great week so far! Oh I found out from Cameron what a Webkinz was, and I've seen a few of them now too. I looked them up online, and their not too expensive, I want one elephant Webkinz....still not sure exactly how they "play", but looks like fun. Anyway, wish me luck with this new adventure....I still wonder if I'm cut out for this, but I've put to much into this to turn back now!


Jessie said...

If Ellie ever wants a birthday party for her stuffed animals be sure to invite me. I will even bring a present.

I'm excited that you started student teaching. I can't wait to hear all about it. Be sure to write all about it on your blog. I can't believe you are teaching... that is so cool!

Cris said...

Well Mrs are there! If it only paid money right now, right? Just remember when the days feel like you have accomplished nothing and you feel like all you have done is ask the kids the settle down and you wonder why you are doing this...somewhere, probably with someone that you will never know about, you will make a difference in someones life. In 10-15 years someone will say to someone else...I had a teacher once, Mrs Turner, who really helped me with my math, or English, or self esteem...something and they will remember you for that moment. That is what it is about, the moments that you made a difference. You will be good, I know it in my heart! I love you Jen!

Jessie said...

Okay, I have to know... whose daughter is in your class at school?

Cameron said...

It sounds like you're enjoying your class.

I learned last semester, from my second grade boy in speech clinic, what a webkin is... Its a stuffed animal toy, with a special internet code. There is an animal online that they can play with and take care of, like the old key chain giga-pets kinda.

Congrats again on your graduation! You looked great in your cap and gown.

love ya,

jandokan said...

Wow your first week seems a busy one to me:D
I think your mom is right, you will be good, you already are:P
don't forget!!

Hugs Anja
Be smart, make art.
janja's blog

Joanne said...

Gosh Jen! That sounds like it was really tough that first week, hopefully things have already gotten easier. I cant imagine working with kids like that all day long. You will do really well i think because you are so sweet and patient. Loves ya! Joanne