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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day!

Grandma & Grandpa and Grandpa Great came to visit Ellie this week! It has been fun seeing them and watching Ellie get to know them better. They were here to celebrate the 24th of July with us too! Thursday morning my mom and Chico mom went to see Good Things Utah. It was fun and interesting to see how things go in back of the camera and during commercial breaks. The ladies are all so cute and funny!

Later that day we all went to my parents to have a BBQ & fireworks. Thanks again to Steve for being the firework guy! I missed most of the show, but I had a good time anyway.

Ellie & Daddy
Auntie Sue & Ellie
Happy 24th of July Fireworks!

1 comment:

K J and the kids said...

Great fireworks show :)
Did Ellie like them ?

Glad that you had such a family filled fun day on the 24th.