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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our Chico Family

Last week our California family came to visit us. Brian's parents, and his grandpa. Ellie had lots of fun with her Grams, and Gramps, and Grandpa Great too!
~~Four Generations~~
Grandpa Great, Daddy, Ellie & Gramps

Gramps, Grams & Ellie

Grams & Ellie
Grams bought her many cute outfits while she was here. Ellie is already into 12 & 18 month outfits! This Mickey Tutu outfit is a not one of the new outfits though.

Ellie's Fashion Show
We went to the Clarke Planetarium where she got to walk on the Moon and Mars too. We rode
TRAX so Ellie had fun entertaining us all.
Ellie & Great Gramps on TRAX

Cool Ellie

Ellie sitting on the Moon

Ellie chillin' on Mars

Gramps giving us the weather - HOT!


Cris said...

Great pics! I wish Jean & Gary could come visit every month! I wish Jean & Gary would move to Salt Lake!

Joanne said...

How fun. Ellie looks like she is not enjoying Mars.