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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Time

Here are a few random pics from Christmas morning at the Turner house.
First Christmas for Hocus Pocus and Pumpkin Pie!
Pumpkin sitting on Ellie's new tutu
Opening up her Christmas stocking, Hocus wants to investigate.
Grammy & Grampy came by to watch Ellie open her Christmas presents.
Let's play Dr. Turner!
Her talking doll house, this is the one she asked Santa for.
Pretty new sweater to go with a new dress.
Ellie's new 'monkey pack pack'
Seeing Santa at Grammy & Grampy's on Christmas Eve!


Cris said...

Your video is so dang cute! She is so giggly sweet!

Anonymous said...

A Talking Doll House!! Oh, so cute!! What a great clip!!