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Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Snow

Last Friday, me and my mom and Ellie, went for a weekend trip with my Chico mom and sister in law and some of my Chico mom's favorite women. We all met up in a mountain house that was huge and had Gorgeous scenery. It was so nice to get to know these women better. Most of them I had met before, but had never spent too much time with. Me and my mom felt very comfortable right away. It was such a fun trip, we're planning on making it an annual girls weekend! Next year baby Chase will be there though! Unfortunately I didn't take even one picture. It was a fun time. Then we went back to Chico and hung out a bit more with my Chico mom and dad and then headed back to SL on Monday.

Ellie was excited to hear that we had snow waiting for us when we got home. She was very excited to build a snowman with me. But, when we got home, there was no snow, but it did start snowing again that night. The next morning the first thing she asked was if we could go outside and build a snowman. There was very little snow however, and by the time we had eaten breakfast and gotten dressed the only snow left was in the shade. She did go out for a bit anyway and play, she just didn't understand why we couldn't build a snowman!

No snowman building today, sorry El.

Later in the day she helped me clean up the house. I thought it was so cute that she cleaned her little potty. She doesn't use it anymore, but we still have them out, just in case she doesn't feel like using the big potty.


Cris said...

Wow, we had so much snow yesterday morning that my trees were dragging...I still had snow when I got home from work yesterday! I will have to email you some pics of our weekend.....

Jen said...

Wow, quite a difference from what we got! Even before it melted it just looked like the dusting of snow that hasn't melted yet, except the whole backyard.

Anonymous said...

Snow, schmo.....look at that little cleaning lady!! I LOVED having you guys be part of our weekend, it was incredible! Thanks you for making the huge, huge drive!

Chico MOM