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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wheeler Farm

Last Thursday Ellie and I met up with our friends, Tara, Zane and Zayden and we all went to Wheeler Farm for a visit. Ellie was very excited for the visit, the first thing she said to me after she woke up, "I just wanna go see Zame's house."
Zane and Ellie loved running around, petting the animals, and playing in the dirt (at least Ellie did) and just making each other laugh. Zayden was pretty content just sitting in his stroller.


Anonymous said...

Ya, the shades really say "Farm Girl"
She looks wonderful. What a fun and neat thing to do!!

Love, Chico Gram

Cris said...

Cool look girlfriend! And the boys you have met this last year...Oh my goodness!