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Monday, August 9, 2010

Lottsa Summer Fun

Ellie had a fun time making a heart card for her Papa. She also had lots of fun coloring all over herself! At least it washed off very easily.
Last Saturday we tried going to Boondocks, but it was closed for some company party. Made me mad, but we ended up going to the Children's Discovery Garden it wasn't too hot and hardly anyone else was there. After walking around for a bit through the park we all splashed around at Noah's Ark. Ellie also got to make a small craft. Nice without all the crowds of $2 Tuesdays that I had gone to before.

Because Boondocks was closed on Saturday, they gave us a coupon for a buy one-get one free outside activity. Ellie and I went back today to enjoy the Bumper Boats. Because she isn't tall enough for any of the other outside activities, we did it twice. The first time nobody squirted us, but the 2nd time we got chased and squirted by several boys. Ellie was in charge of the squirting, I think she got them back! Ellie also wore herself out in the Kiddie Cove.


Anonymous said...

I hope you did get those boys Ellie!! You are such a "cool" girl! And we love your art work! Wow! We love you Ellie!

Gram and Gramps

Cris said...

I don't think I have ever known a happier child in my life! You are so precious Ellie!

K J and the kids said...

She is such a joyous child.
Always smiles.

Where is that outdoor discovery place ? I've never seen it before.

Jen said...

Oh, its at Thanksgiving Point.

Joanne said...

It looke like Ellie had bunches of fun. I wanna go ride the bumper boats now!