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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Updates! - I updated my Facebook with more pictures!!!

Matt & Cameron
May 30, 2009

This past week we went to California to see Brian's sister, Cameron get married. It was a beautiful wedding. Ellie was a little flower girl, and she was so cute! I have lots of pictures, but I just haven't sat down to get them up on the blog. We also went to Disneyland before we came home, so more fun pictures from that trip too. It was a nice holiday, and I'll be updating the blog soon! Here are some pictures sent to me. Thanks Charles & Martha!

Dad & Cam

Alyssa & Ellie
Oh, until I can get some of my pictures up, here is my new blog I'm creating for my class, I'll be making it private when I start using. Let me know what you think, and if you have any fun ideas for the school year to put in the class blog.


Cris said...

Little Miss Ellie looks so darn cute as the flower girl! And Cam is beautiful! I wonder how much Ell will look like Cam as she gets older?
Your class blog is looking so good! I think the blog idea is so good...your students and parents will feel so included in stuff!

Anonymous said...

You are right Jen, Cam was beautiful and Ellie was perfect! What a week, hu? Your school blog looks good! That will be fun for your families!

Love, chico mom

Joanne said...

Looks like it was a very lovely wedding.

Cameron said...

Thanks everyone! Thanks Jen,for posting some pics. I haven't uploaded any from my camera either so don't feel bad. Enjoy the rest of summer. I'll have my pictures up soon.

Love, Cam

jandokan said...

Your SIL was a beautiful bride and your flower girl is just too sweet... she's adorable :D

What a super great idea to create a blog for your students and parents... wish that we had such a smart teachers :)
Your new blog is fantastic!