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Saturday, May 23, 2009

One Whole Year & a Half!

November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving - the day we left the hospital
Our little baby is growing up. Last Tuesday she turned 1 1/2 years old. She is becoming a little girl and not my little baby. I wanted to keep a memory of some of the things she can do, so I can put it in a book later. She understands a lot more than she says, it really surprises me when I ask her to go get something, or do something, and she does! Sorry, this post is so long, but I think I'll be glad that I took the time to write it down.
Some of the Words Ellie Knows
no (or our favorite no no no no)
yah - (rarely does she say this)
mama, ma my (mommy)
papa, da die, dadee (daddy)
no (nose)
err (ear)
mouf (mouth)
tee (teeth)
ticka ticka (tickle)
ba (ball)
cah (car)
loon (balloon)
waz tat (What's that? ---yes she speaks in sentences already!!)
tank tee (thank you)
peas (please...and this week she started saying, "Petty peas?")
sahwee (sorry)
bah bye (with a wave, and sometimes only the wave and after the person is gone she'll say the words)
hi - with a wave sometimes too
lel lo (hello)
jell lo (yellow)
Me me (Minnie Mouse....though this only gets used when we try to point out the different characters, otherwise she is just Mickey Mouse)
Ma mow (Mickey Mouse)
Deedee (Donald Duck....this one she doesn't use freely, only repeats it after we say Donald Duck. When she hears Donald talk, she laughs and laughs)
Lee lee or Lelly (Ellie)
gog (dog)
kiky (kitty)
ca ca
too too (toot toot - this one always makes her laugh)
baby - (she loves seeing babies, and little kids too)
show (shoe)
bow ber (flower)
petty (pretty)
pon (phone)
goo grl (good girl)
crac ar (cracker - which is everything from actual crackers, to goldfish, animal cookies, to potato chips)
ree (read - she loves books! We just started giving her a bedtime story because she has been hard to read with, always wanting to turn/rip/eat the pages and close the book. Since we started reading to her every night, she has been really good at sitting still and listening and always wants us to read more)
mo (more)
go (as in "Where did it go?" or "Where are we going?" she says this with her palms up and shrugs her shoulders)
lie (light)
some words are even harder to decipher unless you know what she is trying to say
uh (up...if she wants to be picked up)
ha (hot - she usually thinks food is hot and she'll blow on it)
sta (stuck - if she is stuck somewhere, like when she tries to climb around under the table)

Ellie with cousin Ally - Easter 2009

Ellie and cousin Wyatt hugging - May 2009

Just Some of her Amazing Accomplishments!
- knows what a dog says - ruff ruff
- and a kitty - meme
- and a birdie - twee twee
-and a duck - wa wa
- and learning a horse - heee heee
- whenever she sees a dinosaur she growls
- can point to her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, toes, head, hair, belly button, foot and she just learned elbow, fingers, and leg
- plugs her nose and says "stinky" when she is
- can help take off her clothes, puts toys away (sometimes)
- gives kisses & hugs
-and she loves music so she can dance!
- fakes laughs (laughs and covers her mouth and puts her head down like she just heard the funniest joke)
- can spin, clap, pat-e-cake, goes up & down stairs, sometimes by holding the railing by herself, except at our house, too many stairs, she needs to hold our hand, or go on her tummy, puts shoes on by herself (sometimes even on the right feet! She does like to put one shoe on and walk around like that.), uses a fork/spoon (not perfectly, but she tries), drinks from a cup (sometimes without getting wet at all), brushes her teeth (loves to get her 'tee' done, every time she is in the bathroom she thinks its time for, "tee?" brushing her teeth)
-she loves talking on the phone! She has plenty of play phones, which she loves to play with, but she'll turn anything into a phone, from papa's belt to a toy block. She likes talking to her Chico Gram & Grandpa especially!
-she also loves purses, and will carry any sort of bag around with her, and her wallet too
-she gets time out, last about a minute or two, and she'll actually stay in her time out spot until we tell her to get up, and say sorry. I know she doesn't completely understand, but she knows enough that she did something bad and she needs to start learning now about consequences of bad behavior! (mean parents aren't we?)

She is the most frustrating and amazing person I have ever met! Frustrating, because most of the time I don't know what I'm doing and I don't always know what she wants/needs and I'm worried I'm going to ruin her! And amazing, because everyday she is doing something new, and she is constantly cracking me up and surprising me. Ellie loves other little kids and usually is good at sharing, but doesn't understand when the other kids don't want her to grab/share their toys too! She loves her papa so much, she is lucky to have such a great dad who loves to rough house with her and wear her out, after she has already worn me out! She has so many people that love her, and she loves them too. We hope she continues to grow up happy and healthy.

Ellie & next door neighbor Tianna - May 2009

Just Relaxin' - May 2009


jandokan said...

OMG she IS growing up sooo fast...
it's good to keep such things written for memory... cause when you start to make an album you won't remember how it was...

she's such an adorable little girl...
give her a hug from me...

Hugs Anja
Be smart, make art.

Cris said...

What a great post! These are things that are so quickly forgotten by you as she adds new things minute by minute! It is so important to write them down.

K J and the kids said...

She's a little smarty pants. What a great little talker she is.
Happy unbirthday Ellie.

Joanne said...

Ellie is amazing, but so are you and Brian! This is a super post that will be so cool to read in a year or two.

Anonymous said...

we can hardly wait to hear her for ourselves! We are so anxious to see all of you! Only 4 more days! Love, Chico Gram

Steven said...

A year and a half. Boy time flies. But she will always be you little baby, no matter what.

Cris said... forgot of her best words!

Jen said...

I added that one...she does do that one good.

Paul*Cat*Hallie said...

Where does the time go? She is adorable! My little one is a jabberbox too, so much fun to hear them talk and comprend what you say to them. Happy 18 months Ellie!!!