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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wyatt's Warriors

We went to Utah Valley University to participate in the walk for Autism, but we didn't end up staying. It was very wet and cold. Brian didn't want Ellie out in the cold, so they bundle up to come out for a minute or two, but didn't get far. The cold was making Ellie cry, and she wouldn't keep the blanket around her to keep her warmer, so they headed back to wait in the car. I went to try to find my sisters, but after a bit, I went back to the car too. It looked like a good turn out even with the rain, and I think if I would have started walking, instead of just looking, I would have warmed up quick.
A good thing happened though, Ellie learned how to say Wyatt! Out of all the family member names we've tried to teach her, she only has, Mama, Papa, Dada, Daddy (yes, he gets 3) and now Wyatt. I had my Wyatt's Warriors t-shirt on, and Ellie kept pointing to Wyatt and saying his name. Then yesterday when we were out driving she pointed to a truck said, "Hi....Wyatt." We all love Wyatt very much and maybe next year I can have everyone's cell #'s so we can meet up and walk together. Hope nobody got sick!

After Brian and Ellie went back to the car, my camera left with them. Sooo, this is the only picture I have of the event.


Cris said...

I felt so bad on Saturday that I couldn't be there to walk...I'm glad you guys made it for a bit anyway!

K J and the kids said...

That is so sweet !
What a great little cousin.