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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Treehouse Museum Story

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We made the trek from one end of Trax to the other, Sandy (10000 South) to Salt Lake City (Amtrak station), where we then boarded the Frontrunner and went all the way North to Ogden. It was a very long day, but I've always wanted to do it, and Ellie was a pretty good traveler. She did have one time out on our way to Ogden for running away from me, but good otherwise.

We had a lot of fun at the Treehouse Museum too, although, I thought they had a snack bar, but they only have a snack area. So, once we got there, we left to have some lunch first. Then we played and played. The downstairs is set up with all these different houses from around the world, with a huge tree in the middle, which Ellie wasn't too impressed with, I thought it looked cool though. She just loved running from one area to another, playing at one activity, and trying to join in with other kids playing too. She is pretty good at sharing, but she doesn't understand when someone doesn't feel like sharing with her at the moment she tries to take something away from them!

On the way back home, I thought she would sleep on the Frontrunner, but she just sat back, drank some juice and ate her crackers. She waited until we were on the very crowded, very hot, Trax to fall asleep on me, then was wide awake once we got back to Sandy. It was a fun time though.


Cris said...

Cute pics! That's fun how you put them together.

Cris said...

You should do a scrapbook layout just like that! You know you don't have to catch up to do some of the memories now....

K J and the kids said...

We haven't even been there.
Looks like lots of fun.

Joanne said...

What a very fun adventure! I wish I could go with you on these fabulous adventures.
Love you!