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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jammies or Cute Clothes???

For Easter, Ellie's Chico Grams & Grandpa sent her some very cute clothes. A striped blue and white sundress, and some cute pants with shorts and a tee shirt. Saturday we were at Costco and I saw the same pants and tee shirt combo, with a label that said they were pajamas. I thought they were just cute clothes, and today she wore them out and about. I wanted to know what other people thought. Is it weird to send my kid out in pajamas???
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Whaddya think?


Anonymous said...

hi Jen! Oh, sorry or the jammie vs clothes issue! When we got them we thought they were play clothes, and later at home saw they said jammies!! Who cares!! She's so cute she could wear the box we sent them in! Love, chico grams

Jen said...

I thought they were clothes too. I doubt she'll ever wear them as jammies. They are so the orange shorts they came with too! She can wear them to Disney!!

Cris said...

I saw them in real life and they are so cute it would be a shame to call them jammies and not wear them out! That shirt is just too cute but then I have to agree with Jean that she could wear the box and be cute!
How is her little nose?

Anonymous said...

These days, who can tell!!! PJ's pass for clothes all of the time!!!! Jen G

K J and the kids said...

They are jammies, I only know this because I have kids and they have had these cute jammies.
Who cares if she wears them to bed or to play. She could wear a paper bag and look darling.

Joanne said...

I agree, Ellie is so cute she can wear whatever she wants. Hey you should get her a barrel with suspenders! She would still look cute!

SerendipitousMommy said...

Who cares? She looked cute and was clean! Many days that's all that matters around our house. I had a good laugh though - thanks!

jandokan said...

She's adorable...
even if these are jammies :P

But I think they are cute clothes:)

Hugs Anja
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