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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Girls Day

Ellie and I went to Discovery Gateway at Utah Children's Museum today. It was so much fun! However, I didn't bring the camera, so I have no cute pictures of her wearing her blue jacket to help her not get wet, that she could hardly move in, and I put it on her after I had already taken off her soaked shirt and her onesie was already wet. I didn't get any pictures of her driving around in a little tractor after she had gathered eggs and then dropped them as soon as she saw the tractor (don't worry, the eggs were plastic.) I didn't get any pictures of her wide eyed when she saw all the little balls she could play with, or the cute kitchen that she played in and shared her plastic food with the other kids. She, I mean we, had fun! It is such a cute place to take little ones. Upstairs had fun stuff too, but for the older kids. I can't wait to go back, with Papa...and a camera!
(These pictures are from Discovery Gateway's site)

This is the Beehive area, where all the fun balls are to play with, Ellie loved this. She just kept getting a ball or two and going up the stairs to put it in a small slot that zoomed the ball up in the air through a tube. Only problem was if she couldn't find a ball, and somebody close by had one, she would try to take it! No fights broke out though!!

The water area she loved too. This pictures shows the area where a little bit older kids could play, this is where she found a little tub to splash in and got her shirt all wet. There was another area where kids her size could play, she still got wet, until I put this blue plastic frock on her. It went down to the floor, and she could hardly bend over if she dropped one of the balls that was in that area. Wish I could have got a picture of that! She also really loved the kitchen area, but I couldn't find any pictures of that area. There was a small sink, counter, refrigerator, stove and kitchen table. Then they had dishes and lots of plastic food to play with too. It was a fun time.

Here is another site I found with more pictures and information about the museum: Utah Children's Museum


K J and the kids said...

Jan thought they closed this place.
Love the pictures. wished we could have seen the blue vest :)

Cris said...

Sounds like a fun day was had! Wish you had gotten some pics of her, that would be so cute.