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Thursday, March 19, 2009


It has been quite awhile since I last posted, and I just wanted to say I will hopefully get some new pictures up this weekend. I started a job this last week, and my cat was sick and we put her to sleep. I've been so sad about her I can't even look at pictures we have of her without breaking down. My job is OK, its not a teaching job, but I did get a teaching job too, which I am way excited/terrified about, it doesn't start until the end of August. My mom's bookstore opened too. I've been busy with helping out there when I could before I started this job. Soooo...I'm not just being lazy, just a little busier than usual, and not really up for some of the stuff that has been happening. Ooooh, and before I forget, Happy 16th Month Birthday Ellie!!! You are my favoritest girl ever and I love you tons. She is starting to talk more and more, and just being a sweetheart, at least most of the time.


Joanne said...

Dont be sorry, you have alot going on right now and that is good. Of course putting your kitty to sleep is not, but life will smooth out soon.
Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, I was so happy to see your blog. I know you have been sooooo busy> I am so sorry about Juancho, I know you miss her. We love you so much! Please give Brian, yourself and of course our sweet girl Ellie a hug and kiss. I miss you all so much.

Chico mom

Cris said...

I love you Jen and appreciate so much all of the help you have given me with the store!
I didn't know that Ellie was from Boston! Did you notice her accent when she points to the vehicles on the road? cah LOL! She is so special and I love being able to help take care of her!

jandokan said...

So sorry to hear about your cat, hope that you've a lot of pictures to cherish!
Still miss my Sammy, hope time will heal it:)

Hugs Anja
Be smart, make art.

K J and the kids said...

I'm so sorry about your cat. :( Your mom told us all about you and your new job and we couldn't be happier for you.
and the grade you wanted too.

What cute bath pictures.