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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Princess Ellie

I've been trying to clean out and organize my closet this week. Not getting much done since I've also been helping out at The Book Shack too. Anyway, Ellie found my wedding tiara in one of the boxes I'm been trying to sort through and wanted to try it on. Although, every time she put it on and I tried to take a picture, she just wanted to take it off. It was cute though, and the shirt she was wearing said, Baby fitting!

So, Princess by morning, breaking child labor laws the rest of the afternoon!
Helping Grammy sort through all of these boxes is hard work!
Looks like Grampy could use some help....
Sweet Ellie to the rescue!
What else can I help with?
My mom is getting her book store up and it has been a lot of work! The family has been helping her get the books up on the shelves, and now its all starting to really look good. Well, its still messy, and there is still a lot of work to do, but its coming along and looking pretty good. It would be a little easier if 'lil Miss Ellie wouldn't think it was so much fun to pull books off the shelves and run! She has been helpful though, I'll have a pile of books and tell her to go give them to Grammy, and she tries to pick up the whole pile!
Looking good!
A girl has to take a break sometime
Finally! Lunch Break!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't sleep, so decided to see what Ellie was up to! What a sweet, sweet gift! Thank you! I feel better now! The store is looking great! I'm happy to see what good help you have! Love, Cico Gram

Cris said...

Our little princess....Jean is so right that she is a sweet, sweet gift! I can be so exhausted and when you guys get there and I see her face my entire outlook is lifted!

K J and the kids said...

She's just so damn cute.
I can't believe how much has been done at the store. I can't wait to see it.

jandokan said...

You've been tagged :P
take a look on my blog!!
go to your picture folders, take the 4th picture out of the 4th folder...

What a fantastic pictures of your little princess... she looking sooo sweet... and she's growing sooo fast!

Hugs Anja