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Monday, June 30, 2008

~ UPDATE ~ Need Advice Post

The last 2 nights Ellie has been put to bed awake and stayed there! She has had almost the same crying fit to begin with, but a little milder, and one of us just stays with her until she calms down and gets a little sleepier. It hasn't been longer than a few minutes, and its better to wait a few minutes than to walk away completely and have her work herself up into a huge crying fit, and having to start over getting her calmed down and rested again.
Wish us luck that this lasts, but as Karen advised, and my mom keeps reminding me, once I get her figured out, she changes!
I'm like this fish from Red Butte Gardens!
(Why is this fish out of the water anyway???)

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Cris said...

If the fish never gets out of the water how do you expect it to learn new things?
You and Brian are doing just fine! You are both becoming fabulous have the most important part down pat, you love your daughter!