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Friday, June 27, 2008

Any Advice?

OK, I know a few people check out this blog from time to time, and I'm sure someone out there in Bloggy-Land could give me some helpful advice.

Ellie has always been a pretty good sleeper. It was never a problem to put her in her crib awake, she might fuss a bit, but for the most part she would be fine and go to sleep.

Well, this week has been a different story! She has screamed every night after getting put in her crib. One night Brian just walked into her room, she was mostly asleep, as soon as she saw her crib though she started crying. She even cried once when I laid her on the changing table. Tonight we didn't even bother trying to put her in the crib until she was asleep, which wasn't until 11pm, she usually is asleep by 9:30! She also has been waking up during the night, which she never used to do.

I took her to the Dr's yesterday just to make sure she wasn't coming down with something, no earaches, no hand, foot, mouth disease, no fever, she just might be fussy because of teething, or stomach problems. Mostly she is still very happy, and normal, so I just don't understand what is going on!

Oh, she also has been getting constipated almost once a week, which I don't know what to do about either. Like my mom suggested I'm going to make an apt with Ellie's pediatrician, but last time I talked to her about it she said it was normal because of all of the different changes happening with her diet. We've tried giving her pear, apple and prune juices, and some prune like pudding stuff....but she still gets clogged up eventually.

Any suggestions?


K J and the kids said...

Nobody can really give you the answers...I think we can share what we did and you can take from it what you need and then do whatever works best for your family.
I personally think there may be several things going on. She could be teething, growing and she just might be old enough to get that when you put her in her crib she's left alone in the dark and not held and loved and given lots of attention. All very normal and common.

I'm not a cry it out mom. I think you can put her down, go in and comfort her after a few minutes (not picking her up) and continue doing it extending the time you go in.
Whatever you do will be her new routine. So if you rock her to sleep (which I personally did with Syd) they will need to rocked to sleep...every night.
You could also sit in the room, like in the glider/rocker and read a book. Don't talk to her. Just go over and lay her down, cover her up, give her her binky and then return to the glider.
She will learn that when she's put in bed that it's time for bed....she will also learn that by crying she isn't being picked up.
It may take a few days and it will kill you, but she's ok. You aren't abandoning her.

If you think she's teething...give her Tylenol before trying the above.

It seems they always throw a curve ball at you right when you think you've got it down. She'll come back around !

Anonymous said...

Good Advice. The tylenol is an excellent idea because, then you will be able to relax a little knowing she is not really in pain. Also, it will help her relax. You guys are doing great as parents! I'm proud of you.

Love, Chico Mom