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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Point

My mom, dad, Brian and Ellie spent the evening seeing life as an early America. We had pilgrims serving us, and we got to see some animals in between courses. We saw a baby goat, a turkey, and a cow. There was also a small story being performed on stage. It was if we were part of the first Thanksgiving. Although we didn't have a fork, we ended up getting pretty stuffed. Here is a list of what was offered
Apple Cider - Yummy
Assorted Whole Mixed Nuts - with no nutcracker...later in the night we figured out they weren't just decorations!
Cheate Bread with Butter - so good
Mixed Greens Salad with Oil & Vinegar - hard to eat without a fork!
Corn Pudding - skipped this one, but heard it was good
Stewed Pumpkins - didn't even know what this was, but I skipped it anyway
Roast Pork - yummy
Turkey - soo good
Mixed Berry Cobbler - d-licious!
Warm Goats Milk - me, Ellie, and my mom tried - pretty good actually
Raw Oysters - mom was the only one who tried this


Cris said...

I really want to start this as a yearly was fun!

Anonymous said...

wHAT A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE, I MADE A CORN PUDDING TOO! You all looked so good. I am so happy you are trying new things! Lots of great memories, thanks for sharing!

K J and the kids said...

You go Cris. YUCK !
Soooo, you got to pet your meal before it was served to you. FABULOUS ! ;-)
There is something slightly wrong about that ! ha ha

that looks like lots of fun. Glad you got to go.

Cris said...

K...there is nothing wrong with being friends with your food! ha ha...the only animal there that was on the menu was the turkey and he wasn't friendly anyway! LOL

Jen said...

Like the pilgrims said, animals are for feasting on.