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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cute ones...and the weirdest one I've ever posted!

Brian and I celebrated our ten year anniversary last week. I got to spend most of it at work, with my regular day then parent teacher conferences that night. Brian sent me these beautiful roses, and a bit later in the day I received these beautiful pink flowers from my mother in law. It was nice to have these flowers to look at through the day to give me a smile. I have a great husband and a wonderful family from him.

Last Sunday me, my mom, and Ellie went to see the World of Fantasy by Disney on ice. We saw Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, characters from Cars, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Tinker Bell. At first Ellie was so mesmerized she didn't say much, then she got the biggest grin and loved getting dressed up and seeing all there was to see. I think her favorite thing though was when Grammy bought her a Tinker Bell light up toy. She loved just watching it spin and spin with all the lights in the dark. I got a few pictures before my camera went dead, but later I'll post a few more my mom got.
Ellie in her Snow White Dress - Thanks Karen!
Getting ready for the show to start!
We rode trax downtown, made the day seem more like a was fun. Until the way home we waited an extra 20 minutes, then got delayed again by a traffic accident that blocked the trax going the other direction, then to top it off (sorry mom) we missed our stop! Still it was a fun mommy/daughter day!
This is the strangest picture I've ever posted, but we are all very excited here at the Turner house! We've had this potty for a few weeks now, not really trying to potty train her though, just getting her used to it. I plan on spending more time with it during the summer when I'm off work. She has sat on it a few times, and after 2 seconds says, "I'm done" with nothing, not even a drip. Tonight, after her bath she said she was stinky and I asked her if she needed to go to the potty, and she said, "yes" and ran to her potty. Again, after 2 seconds she said she was done, and this time there was a drip! We made a huge deal about it, and then she did it again, much more than a drop...then she peed 2 more times! Very exciting stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Ellie! What a Big, Big Girl!
Gram is so proud of you! Keep going potty in the potty chair!! I love you ellie!!

Cris said...

very cool! What a big girl Princess Ellie! We are all so proud of you! prejudice here but Princess Ellie was the prettiest Snow White at the Ice Show!

Joanne said...

That definitely is the weirdest one you have posted (picture of the potty), and that is a REALLY cute picture of Grammy & Ellie on the trax.
Fun stuff! I love reading your blog Jennifer.