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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boondock Fun

Since the weather looks like this, we haven't been able to get outside to play. I've been wanting to go to the zoo, or go play at the park, but its a little too cold and wet for that, so we've been doing inside stuff. Maybe if there is more snow tomorrow we'll go sledding!

Today we tried Story Time at the Herriman library. No real bunnies or baby chicks, but we got to hear stories from Beatrix Potter and then Ellie got to color a picture of a bunny and we made a lunch sack bunny too!
After lunch and a nap we headed off to Boondocks for the first time. My students convinced me that there would be something for Ellie to do. They have a huge play area for the little ones, Kiddie Cove. Mommy had to go up and rescue her on the slide, twice, she just didn't have long enough legs to get up to the slide and sit down. A few more attempts and I think she would have figured it out, but rather than hear her cry in a small panic, I went up to rescue her. After she finally got down again it took awhile to convince her to try it again. She finally did go back, and just avoided the slide part of it and she had a great time climbing all over the place!

We played a few games, and Ellie won a bunch of tickets. With her tickets she got a small sucker, a small dinosaur, a tiny pink frog, and a martian parachuting guy. It was a fun place!

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Cris said...

How lucky little Ellie is to have a mom and dad like you and Brian! You find the most enriching and fun things to do with her, helping her grow and learn and love to the fullest!