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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Night

Grammy and Grandpy came over to join us for some trick and treating. Ellie was so cute in her little Nemo outfit, and it kept her pretty warm too. She was so tickled that people kept giving her candy! A few houses she thought were, "scawy" but she usually was brave enough to go get the "can-ey" anyway. After awhile Papa and Grandpy headed for home, while the girls stayed out a bit longer. When we got to our street Ellie was done and just wanted to be carried, until we got to the next house then she wanted down.
After the trick or treating we got home, passed out a bit of candy, and headed for dinner with Grammy and Grandpy. At Chili's, Ellie got a coupon for a free dinner as a treat! It was a fun Halloween night.


Cris said...

Cute video and cute layout! Love the little Nemo kid!

Joanne said...

OH that looks like you guys had so much fun! I stayed home and hid in my office on Halloween, lame huh?