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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shoulder Surgery

We went to the hospital again last night, Brian's legs were very swollen, and the Dr. wanted to check to make sure there weren't any blood clots. Luckily, everything was fine. He is off of his cooler contraption, and took off his special hose yesterday. He goes in Thursday to get the stitches out, and find out about therapy. I am glad I've been home to take care of him, although at first I didn't think I would be able to. It is all much easier now.

Thanks to all of our family and friends that have helped us out with dinners, offers of help and just checking in with us. It is nice to know we have so many people who love us and are willing to help us out if we need it. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

OWWW! I am so glad you guys have each other!! We are looking forward to seeing you Thurs. I hope we can give you a bit of a break Jen and maybe help Brian some too! We love you and will see you soon! Love, Chico mom

Cris said...

Oh man that looks painful! Brian I am so glad to hear that each day you are at least a tiny bit better. How long did the doc say the ribs would take to feel better?

K J and the kids said...

He had shoulder surgery.....he didn't get pregnant.
Why did his legs swell up ? :)
Must have been the anesthesia ?
Glad you were home to take care of him too.

Jen said...

At first the swelling was because he wasn't moving much. The Dr.s anticipated it, he had to wear special socks for circulation in his legs. After he took the socks off the swelling got worse, that's when we had to go get him checked for blood clots. He still as swelling, but not as bad.

Brian said...

I don't know why my legs, ankles and feet were so swollen. It's going away but not as fast as I would like. The doctor didn't really say how long the ribs would take, I should have asked him but I just didn't think about it. He wants to me to keep my arm in the sling for 3 more weeks and then see him again. He said it will get really tight and hard to move but that it will not take long to work that out after it's healed up more. I really think I would heal faster if I slept lol. The no sleep thing is really starting to take a toll... oh well it could be worse. Thanks for everyones support. Love you all.

jandokan said...

Ouch... that looks bad!
hope you're feeling better Brian!

Jen, do you still have vacation...
or do you have to start soon??

will keep you all in my thoughts :)

hugs Anja