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Monday, July 13, 2009

Ellie's First Camping Trip

This was a perfect weekend for some fun, sun, and good times with good friends. Where, oh, where did everything go wrong? When Ellie refused to brush her teeth, which she never does, should I have known then when she ran from me when I had the toothbrush in hand? Should I have known the trip was doomed? Well, I didn't, but it was.

We headed off to 12 Mile Canyon with Todd and Jodie, they had already set up camp and we just needed to pick up some of the kids on our way there. Ellie should have been tired and taken her nap on the way there.....nope! The drive was nice other than that though. The Canyon was beautiful and the other family members we met were all very nice and welcoming. Ellie even had a friend to play with.

All was well until later that night as we started settling in for the night with a campfire and S'mores. Then Todd and Jodie's young nephew walked into one of the hot metal marshmallow sticks with his eye. He was immediately packed into the truck and taken down the canyon by Todd and Jodie to the hospital in Gunnison. (Little guy is going to be alright though, he has to wear a medicated/protective contact for a week.)

Soon it was time to put Ellie down and enjoy the rest of Todd and Jodie's family, without Todd and Jodie! Ellie decided she would rather have the BIGGEST fits ever and not go to sleep until after midnight! So much for enjoying the circle at the campfire.

The Next Day

Next day started out so much better. Ellie was playing, and getting dirty, and just enjoying the stuff of campin'. She even went down for a nap relatively easy. Todd took Brian out for a 4 wheeler ride while I read in the trailer as Ellie slept. When she got up, was right around the same time the guys got back from their trip. But, Todd came back, and not Brian. Todd waited just a minute or two before he left again to go get Brian who was supposed to be right behind him. I went to go get my camera so I could get some pictures of the guys coming back on the 4 wheelers, but Todd came back alone, and said Brian was hurt and we had to go get him in the truck.

Todd, me, and Brian headed back down the canyon to the Gunnison Hospital. Brian ended up with a 3rd degree shoulder separation, a few fractured ribs, and a hurt sternum. I went back up the canyon with Todd to get our stuff and Ellie, and my dad met us at the hospital to take me and Ellie home. I got our car and headed right back to the hospital to be with Brian overnight.

Today we went to see an orthopedic surgeon who told us he usually doesn't recommend surgery for these kinds of injuries, and it will just take time. However, Brian's separation was so severe the Dr. did recommend surgery. Brian will be going in Thursday to have some donor hamstring stitch up his shoulder again, and hopefully be better soon!!

This is Todd coming back to let us know Brian was hurt and we needed to go get him. This was my last picture of our camping trip.

The next night we spent here, Gunnison, Utah. For such a small place, it was a great hospital and everyone was very helpful and nice.

We found out later that Todd and Jodie's oldest daughter ended up hitting her head really hard on a rock and ended up with a concussion! Then the family dog who was tied up right outside the trailer was sprayed by a skunk. That's when they decided this was the end of the camping trip for them too!


Cris said...

Sometimes we go through our life just taking for granted that things will never change. Something like this reminds us in a hurry how quick it can change. I am so thankful that Brian is going to be could have ended with a very different horrible ending. We need to remember every day how important people in our lives are and how much they are loved by us...and we need to remember often to let them know this. Brian, we love you so much and our family was blessed when you came into it. Jen and Ellie, you are both loved so much too!

Anonymous said...

Well, like Cris said, we have much to be thankful for! I know it is hard right now, but it will quickly get better and we all still have each other!! I know Bri will be ok, he has a lot to get well for! Love, chico mom

Joanne said...

It is so scary to think what could have happened to not only Brian but to Todd & Jodi's daughter and thier nephew as well. I thank god that every one is going to be ok.
It really does make you think about how fragile life is.
And like Cris says we need to be thankful to have our family and friends.

Jessie said...

Wow, I can't believe the trip that you had. I am so grateful that Brian is okay. I hope you are hanging in there too. Give me a call or email if you need anything. I would seriously like to bring dinner by. Let me know when I can do that. Love you Jen!

Ps. I won't be actually 'cooking' the dinner (I still haven't started doing that yet), but I will stop at a great resturant and pick something good up.

K J and the kids said...

GOOD HELL !!!! That is one hell of a camping trip. For EVERYONE !
I hope that Brian is ok. That sucks.
I hope you go back up....let everything play out better.
Sorry it was such a tough trip !

Jen said...

Thanks for all of the well wishes!

I said it was my last camping trip, but really that was when Ellie was screaming and not sleeping like the good girl she usually is. I will try it again, but I know it will be a little easier when she is older. Plus, I still wanna ride the 4 wheeler!!!! Also, Brian wanted to take me up to where him and Todd had gone, to show me how pretty it is. So, I will go again!

jandokan said...

OMG Jen... that's horrible!!!
Hope everything will be alright with Brian!

wish him a get well from us :D

Hugs Anja