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Friday, June 26, 2009

Wedding Rehearsal

May 29, 2009
Fresno, California

I know I'm posting these pictures a little after the fact, since I already posted wedding pictures, but now I have my own pictures to post. The wedding and rehearsal were held at the Fig Garden and Racquet Club in Fresno, it really was a beautiful place. The weather was cloudy, but it made it a little cooler and comfortable. Ellie didn't have her flower girl partner, but Matt's step-mom stepped in to substitute. She mostly had fun finding tennis balls to throw around, Ellie, not Matt's mom.
After the rehearsal we all met up to have a nice dinner at El Torito, a very delicious Mexican restaurant in California. We actually found another one in Anaheim and ate there again when we were at Disneyland. That night there was a lot of cool lightning and thunder and it was very windy...but the next day was a great day to get married!


Cris said...

You should send those two pic things in to get printed in 8X10...they are really nice! You do good work Jen!

Jen said...

Brian bought me an external hard drive. I started working on those with my Photoshop and it just kept freezing up saying there wasn't enough room. Very annoying!!! Now I just need to get all my pictures organized.

Cris said...

External hard drive is very wise! Your photos will be a lot safer. How many gig does your hard drive have?

Brian said...

It's a 500gb drive. She does a lot with the photos and without more room her computer wouldn't function. Anyhow, the photos will be safer now and her computer works again.

jandokan said...

Great pics :D

Love your new Blog look :)

Hugs Anja