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Monday, May 18, 2009

Dutch Boy Do

K, I've been cracking up all day, every time I look at Ellie. See, I've been trying to figure out how to do her hair for Matt & Cameron's wedding. If she would leave hair clips alone, I would just find a pretty bow and leave it at that. Even though she is getting better at leaving her hair alone, it never lasts, and if anyone says she looks pretty, she automatically puts her hands in her hair to see whats going on. Once she finds the bow, barrette, or any type of hair clip, she pulls on it until its out. Then says with a shrug...."Alll gone." It's frustrating because I have a lot of cute bows for her, but we just end up loosing them when I do try. Soooo, I have been wondering how to make her look cute. I tried the curling iron today. When I tried it before, her hair was so fine, it didn't do anything, well, today, it did, but unfortunately all it does now is make me laugh!

Els has a big head! This hat is mine, and it fits her! I've been trying to find a hat for her, and all the kid's hats that are 'one size fits all' don't fit her!!


Cameron said...

Looks cute to me. Anything you do will work. I did buy bows for her, but maybe Alyssa the other flower girl will want them. Either way, no big deal. See you soon,


Anonymous said...

Gram says- leave her alone!!! She's perfect just how she is!! Who needs a stinkin bow!! Is her hair getting more red or did you put a rinse on it!! She's so cute!! I can hardly wait to see all of you!

Love, chico gram

K J and the kids said...

I think with some hair glue and a rubberband we could cement I mean pull her hair back so that she looked all up do'd and cute and couldn't mess it up.
If you want to try something...let me know :)

Cris said...

She is always so stinkin' cute! Everytime I look at her she puts a smile on my face.

Jen said...

No red, it must just be the picture. If anything its getting blonder. Which I just don't get, shouldn't she have dark hair????

Joanne said...

Ha ha ha. She does look a little like the Dutch boy with her bangs curled. NO wonder you are cant stop laughing, she is so fun and cute and entertaining. She makes everyone SMILE!