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Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Easter

Ellie in her cute 'lil Easter dress. We went to church then Ellie got to find some more eggs in the house. We didn't decorate any eggs, maybe next year. The Easter Bunny had hid a bunch of plastic eggs with M&M's and Cheerios and some animal crackers. She also found her Easter basket and some gifts from her Grams and Grandpa, and a cute bunny bear from Grammy and Grandpy. Later at my parents house she got a cute Cadbury egg bunny that chucked like a chicken. It was a nice Easter weekend, and Ellie had a lot of fun playing with her aunties and cousins at Grammy and Grandpy's house.


Anonymous said...

It's like a bonus to my day when I find new pictures of sweet Ellie! It sounds like you had a very nice Easter! Wish could have been with you! Love Chico Gram

K J and the kids said...

SO cute. Love the outfit.

Missed you today. Hope all is well.

Joanne said...

You are all just adorable!

jandokan said...

OMG what a cute little girl she is... I love that dress :)

Hugs Anja
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