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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Playing in the grass

Last Friday it was a very spring like day. After I got home, Ellie and I went for a walk and for a sit at the park. Well, its not really a park, just a big grassy area. I thought she would love to go run around and chase her ball. I was wrong! I brought with us a little snack, crackers, animal crackers, and a small container of orange punch. Once we took our walk we settled down in the big grassy area on a small blanket and I gave Ellie her snack. That was the last of Ellie doing anything besides drinking her punch. She doesn't drink much juice, and only punch a couple of times...good thing, she would turn into a punch addict!! She wouldn't put that thing down. I finally took it from her to pour some of it out...she didn't like that one bit! Oh well. The straw in the cup didn't work very well either, so it took her forever to drink it.
After quite awhile she finally got up and played with her ball for a minute, then she was done and didn't throw a fit when I decided to head back home.
This is how she came down the hill....I finally carried her down, it wasn't steep enough to get down like this, it would have taken her the rest of the day!
Just a view of the big grassy area we played in.
Yesterday it snowed most of the day, so I'm glad we at least got outside for a little while!


K J and the kids said...

So cute. It would have been better had the grass been green instead of cruddy yellow :) I mean, for scrapbooking reasons only ! ha ha

Cris said...

So who took the pic of you & Ellie? It is really cute.

Joanne said...


Joanne said...

Orange punch is very addictive. =)

Jen said...

I took the picture of me and Ellie. I just set it up on a timer and put it on the stroller. It took me a few times to get a good enough shot.