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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Liberty Park

Yesterday we went to feed the ducks at Liberty Park. I didn't know that geese were there along with the ducks, and geese are kinda scary. They started following me around and hissing for some food before we even got any bread out. The ducks were faster though, and got most of the bread we fed them. Ellie wasn't scared at all, she also didn't feel like wasting any bread though, she just ate it herself.
We felt bad when Brian gave another little girl a piece of our bread to feed the ducks and she held out her hand and a goose just came up and snipped it right out of her hand. I think that scared her and she just let her dad do the rest. Ellie picked up a stick and started yelling and waving it around telling all the birds who was really in charge!


Anonymous said...

that's mt girl! don't let those geese and duck scare you! Don't you love her confidence!!! You are beautiful ellie!

chico geam

Cris said...

What cute pics you guys got! Ellie is such a treasure, I love how she is ready to take it all on!