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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weekend Getaway!

I wanted to post a few more pics of our fun weekend with our Chico Family!
Ellie's first hotel stay. Daddy was thrilled that Mommy felt this was necessary, since it was just a Motel 6 in Cedar City....and yes, we only made it to Cedar City!
The World's Largest Thermometer in Baker, California. It was 92, the hottest day Ellie had ever had, until the next day! I almost took a picture of gas prices here too, but it was just too depressing...$4.29!
I also wanted to get some Alien Jerky, but we didn't.
Cameron walking into the auditorium for the Graduation Ceremony
Mom, Cam, & Dad
Matt & Cameron


Joanne said...

WOW!! Alien Fresh Jerky!!! hahahahahahahahah

K J and the kids said...

WOW ! That is one damn big thermometer......I'm sure by the time you get back, your mom will have had a scrapbook page all laid out with the PERFECT biggest thermometer page ready for Ellie's picture. :)

Cris said... are soo funny...I was sitting here thinking of doing a page when I read your I can't do it! LOL!!!