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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Turner's

I didn't go to church today, because my back is still killing me, and its hard to lug around the baby. I didn't go scrap booking at my mom's house either. Instead, I spent time with Brian and Ellie. We went out and had lunch at a great Mexican restaurant in Orem, Maria Bonita's. It was so yummy! Then we went up Provo Canyon, took some pictures, and drove up to see Bridal Vail Falls. The last little while we've been comforting Ellie who isn't feeling too great. All is well now. It was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon with my family.

Now I'm just glad Brian was smart enough not to let us wade our feet in the Provo river. We just heard on the news that they were getting a dead body out of the river while we were there.


Cris said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm glad you two did something fun with little Miss Ell....she not feeling good? Any poopers? LOL!

K J and the kids said...

We missed you ! Seriously !
I'm glad you had a fun day. It sounds much better than being inside.

Fracchia Via SLC said...

What a great way to spend such a beautiful day. Sometimes you just have to get out!! Cute photos!

Joanne said...

Those are some VERY cute pictures with very toes on Ellie. I am glad you didnt put any toes in the river that day. =)

Cameron said...

Her feet are so big! I can't wait to see everyone next week. Drive safe. Love you guys.