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Monday, April 7, 2008

On Her Own

I thought she would sleep in her cradle in our room for about 3 months, but we're going on 5 and she is still in our room. Well...tonight she is in her own room, in her crib. I got some really cute bumpers and sheets from my nieces work, they were going to throw them away, but she thought I might want them instead. Thanks Reanna & my sister Bonnie too! I put them on her crib today and now its almost 1am and Ellie is sound asleep, in her crib, without mommy by her side. I hate this, but I know its the right thing. Brian went to check on her before he went to bed, thought she was so cute, and took a picture.
She slept all night, except one little squeak. Didn't miss me one bit.


Cris said...
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Cris said...

That looks so cute! I love it...but isn't that from Ellie's cousin and not your cousin?

K J and the kids said...

OH NO....she's growing up !
I can't believe they would throw away those bumpers. They look really cute.

Hope she does good with the transition.

Carrie said...

Awwww how bitter sweet! Love the bedding, very cute.
God bless :)

Anonymous said...

Don't let her get to independent!!! They get independent and then they marry someone far away and ....... well, I guess it has to happen! Be brave, Jennifer, this is just the lst of many mixed moments! She's precious and so blessed to have you and Brian for her parents. You'll do what's right for her benefit! Love, chico mom

SerendipitousMommy said...

She looks adorable and very comfortable on her own. Oh no! Did I say "on her own?" aaaahhhh!