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Saturday, March 15, 2008

OK....just one more!

After I posted the last pictures she was fast asleep with her binkie and Pinkie. I tried getting a cute picture, but I only woke her up. I did get this one though, notice the baby-hawk, the bib with drool, and the peace out sign. I guess she thinks I've taken enough pictures for today.


K J and the kids said...

Do you know how much your mom is going to have to scrap book with all of these cute pictures you're taking. :)
Love the socks.

Cris said...

No, this is truly where we get Jennifer into scrapbooking.....I know that it is in her....K, you and I have to bring it out of her,we can do it!

Cameron said...

aunty cam thinks ellie probably needs more cute bibs if she's gonna chew her fingers and drool so much.

Sue said...

she's just years ahead in coolness, and that includes drooling :)