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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where Would You Rather Be?

Here I am at work, thinking about every other place I would rather be. If you read this blog you must respond with where you would rather be, or your favorite vacation spot. If I can't be on vacation now, or anytime soon, at least I'd like to hear about some fun or interesting places.


K J and the kids said...

I'd rather be Switzerland with NO responsibilities AT ALL :)

Just for now...I'm ok coming home to my kids in a week or so. but I would like to be 25 still. and I want my body back.
Are you making this happen...or just asking the question :)

Sue said...

K, I'd like my body back too, and right now I'd rather be in Germany to visit my Grandmother in the hospital and make her act more like a normal patient than my Grandma (she's trying to take the nurses work away from them, because after all she feels fine:)) but of course I'd have to miss my chance to play with my niece and that would not make it fun, so AI guess, I'm happy right where I'm at?!

Cris said...

If I could be anywhere else right now I would choose to be back in 1965 and do my life over again. I choose to still have the same kids but I would be a much better mother.

OK...I would rather be playing in my scrapbook room, retired, with nothing better to do than spend time with my family!

Jen said...

YOU are already the best mom ever!!!! I wouldn't trade a different you for anything mom!

Jen said...

This is the list I came up with...places I would rather be, in no particular order.

Disneyland /Disney World
Puerto Vallerta
Bear Lake
Lake Powell
or with Brain & Ellie just hanging out at home, thats where I'm heading right now. Yay at least tomorrow is Friday!!!!

Steven said...

Every day of my life I am in a different location seeing new things, so I would rather just be at home with my family enjoying watching my dog chase a ball and catch up with everything I missed, or over at my mom and dad's home eating BBQ anything and enjoying all my brothers and sisters company.

KellyBelly said...

Anywhere but sitting in my office at work :(

Sue said...

Mom shush you are a great mother:)even to the adopted (Tanja dork) and the married in ones like moi:)